Who We Are

Who We Are

The Iraq Health Access Organization (“IHAO”) was founded in 2007 with the vision of returning Iraq to its once leading position in healthcare. Starting initially as a Fulbright project, which won the New Leaders Award by the International Institute of Education, IHAO grew to become a leading organization in providing access to health, protection, and livelihood in remote and/or displaced areas in Iraq with a mission of addressing health and the social determinants of health, namely gender-based violence, economic stability, education, and social cohesion through front line response, economic empowerment, and skills training.

Through its strategic planning and solid interventions, the non-governmental non-profit organization was able to partner with many international and national partners including UNFPA, IMC, EPIC, HAI, Cordaid, and others, to implement projects with IOM, UNICEF, ICRC, and others and to further widen its programs’ themes and locations. These locations include Nenawa, Kirkuk, Diyala, Salahidin, Anbar and Baghdad abiding by the humanitarian principles in focusing on the most vulnerable communities.

Vision & Mission Statement

Retrieve Iraq’s leading position in healthcare around the Middle East.

IHAO addresses health and the social determinants of health, namely education and economic stability, through front line response, economic empowerment, and skills training. We ensure that our staff and beneficiaries accurately reflect the diversity of the communities we serve.

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Principles of the IHAO Model

IHAO is deeply committed to the principles and active application of inclusion and integration on all social, humanitarian, and economic fronts.  The result?  We believe it fosters:

  • Prevention of Radicalization: Poverty and marginalization are, at the very least, factors which contribute to radicalization.  By delivering support from a multi-sectarian team to different sects and religions, we send a message of solidarity that is both tangible and symbolic.  Inclusion is critical to a peaceful future for Iraq.
  • Micro-economic Development: By using income generating projects, small businesses are created for the benefit of families and the overall economy.  That helps eliminate alternatives – such as child labour – and provides women, people with disabilities, and minorities with economic opportunities.
  • Empowerment of Youth and Women: By engaging young people in civil society through volunteer service opportunities, we are stilling the value of work and social engagement. And economic power provides women with a strong voice, which is key to Iraq’s future.
  • Diligence: To the best of its ability, IHAO maintains strong policies, which are understood by its staff in order to abide by the local, federal, and international laws regarding the areas and sectors we operate in.