AFD – Al-Khalidiya WASH Project

Project Duration

2021 – 2025

Project Background

With support from AFD, IHAO conducts a context study related to the sanitation project of the city of Al Khalidiya, Anbar, Iraq.

The design of the large scale sanitation infrastructure will take up to two years to finalize and its construction will only start after this first stage. In order to better understand the context in which the project will be implemented, a study is needed to understand the situation of Khalidiya’s residents including the economic situation of households, their access to government services including water and environment, and their satisfaction level about such services.

The AFD and the Iraqi government have commissioned IHAO and Moving On to support them in conducting the needed survey. Its results will inform the necessary changes and adaptations to the project to ensure that all groups of the population benefit from the sanitation facility.



  • Improve where possible the project design and governance framework;
  • Update the project risk assessment and design activities to mitigate risks
  • Identify potential tensions and design a conflict-sensitive approach using local capacities to reduce potential tensions
  • Maintain a meaningful dialogue with local authorities, representatives and stakeholders during the project life


Al-Anbar: Khalidiya