With funding from USAID, this project supported the economic empowerment of victims of war in Baashiqa subdistrict of Ninewa Governorate. The project Identified 50 individuals from Bahzany and Daraweesh communities in Baashiqa who received livelihoods support and general business administration trainings. 17 of the initial participants also have also been selected to receive in-kind business start-up support.

Bahzany and Daraweesh communities are home to nearly five thousand households, the vast majority of whom continue to recover from the displacement and destruction caused by ISIS – approximately 70 percent of houses in the subdistrict were damaged or destroyed and their water supply remains insufficient due to infrastructure damage.


Training and in-kind business start-up support is required to support the community’s economic recovery.

Subject matter experts from the community trained the beneficiaries on methods of starting businesses, budgeting, marketing, and specific vocational trainings including on photocopy shops, plumbing, bakery, and welding as well as other small businesses found to be in demand in the target communities.

In the second phase, IHAO is providing start-up support to 17 businesses. And supervising the procurement of goods and materials necessary for businesses along with the beneficiary to ensure procuring according to the best standards. Follow up of the business would ensue, as constant guidance to the grantees will be essential. IHAO will continue monitoring and coaching to achieve this outcome.


Bahzany Subdistrict – Ninewa 

Daraweesh Subdistrict – Ninewa 


13/06/2021 – 12/04/2022