Reproductive Health

The core of IHAO’s mission has been the provision of healthcare services, whether reproductive or primary healthcare to people living in secluded locations, ensuring their access to such essential services.

The war against ISIS led to the disruption of the healthcare system infrastructure in Iraq, and forced thousands of people to leave their homes and take refuge in camps and other governorates.

IHAO aims to restore and improve the healthcare system by working on two main fronts:

  1. Increase access to quality primary healthcare services by supporting primary healthcare centers and hospitals, and establishing several mobile medical clinics to provide lifesaving services, management of communicable and non-communicable diseases, and specialized and non-specialized reproductive healthcare services, and equipping the facilities with the essential lifesaving medicine, consumables and equipment.
  2. Strengthen the Iraqi health system by increasing the capacity of the Medical non-medical teams to improving the quality and delivery of services at all levels, including all the targeted governorates. This will ultimately strengthen the decentralized District Primary Health Care (PHC) System in Iraq, and ease the handover of humanitarian health service delivery.